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Home News 3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Business Grow-Ready in 2019 (Part 3)

3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Business Grow-Ready in 2019 (Part 3)

3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Business Grow-Ready in 2019 (Part 3) December 7, 2018

Make Sure Your Website Is Secure


It’s required!  As of the summer of 2018, Google (https everywhere) has recommended that all website have an SSL certificate.  If your site does not have an SSL, for searches that are performed on Chrome, the site will be listed as Unsecure and a Risk in the address bar and may become ranked lower.  Additionally, the site visitor and customer have been educated on these issues and expect that your site be secure in order to protect the privacy of exchange data or to make a purchase.  Leverage this trust level on your site to let your visitors know that their transaction are safe with you.


You will find that site visitors are concerned about the security of a site.  A visitor looks to see if:

  • There is an ‘s’ in the https. – this indicates that the site is encrypted and includes an SSL to protect the transfer of information that this entered on the site.  Without this there may be a search engine and/or browser warning of a potentially unsafe site.
  • There is a trust seal or badge.  A trust seal indicates that the website is integrated with a security partner and has most likely has some malware protection.  Trust seals can also be verified by the site visitor.
  • There is a link for a privacy policy.  This indicates that the site owner is taking responsibility and complying with the regulations on website safety.
  • There is contact data for the site owner.  This indicates that the site owners are available to support you with any issues you have on their site.


TIP:  All websites need an SSL.  Don’t do business without it.


There are also several other factors such as the lack of or out-dated security plugins, age of your site pages, your web hosting environment, password policy, frequency of website scans,  file uploads, etc affect your security vulnerability. You should start to investigate and making small changes in these areas to have a significant impact. To get the quickest improvement, check with your website host or contact a web security audit service to ensure that you are doing as much as possible to manage your site security.

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